Catch me on Joe Gilder’s Ask Joe Podcast!

Well, not me exactly, but he does answer a question I sent in at about the 21:45 minute mark. I had a question about preamp emulators and wanted to get a seasoned veteran’s take on it.

Go check it out at Ask Joe #146

If you don’t know Joe, sign up at his site He has a ton of information over there that will certainly make a difference in your mixes. I highly recommend it!

Presonus Studio One v3 has no Nimbit support at this time


That’s right, straight from Presonus, they did not include it this time. I noticed that v2 support had some issues, and quite frankly, I prefer to upload to Nimbit manually anyway for the extra metadata features.

Looks like this will be the way going forward as well.

Show Some Love

I know its been a few weeks since I posted, but I have been collaborating with my new friend Stephen Butler who is in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a small studio like we are, but he is in a big city. Stephen’s studio can be found at Amber Inc Studios. He specializes in R&B, CCM, Country Music, Jazz and Blues. He thrives with artists that prefer a small, intimate setting, but he also has a mobile rig that can follow you wherever your venue may be.

Stephen is also a musician in his own right. There have been rumors of an EP of his new material that may surface soon, so stay tuned!

Take a moment and visit his site. And if you are ever ‘Down Under’, look him up and let him produce your next big hit!

Dynamic Range Day 2015

I am putting an end to the Loudness War. I have ACCEPTED the Dynamic Range Day Challenge!

Click here for more info



Real Training Run by Real People

From time to time I comment on posts that my mentors write. If you look in the blog roll section of my site, you will see that I link to a few top professionals in the recording industry, some of whom provide free and paid training. These are people who have directly impacted my work. Graham Cochrane at The Recording Revolution dot com is a fine example. I link to him, not to drive web traffic to his site, but to offer you the same ‘internet finds’ that have helped me so much. Just so you know that I do not link to spurious content, here is a screen shot of a reply to my comment, from Graham himself.

Real replies from real people. This is not some web bot generating sham training and revenue for some country you can’t pronounce, its a real person. So, get on the bandwagon and sign up.



Nimbit by Presonus now offering HD downloads

Nimbit, A PreSonus company, is now offering HD file downloads from their artist’s stores. This is pretty cool. Consider what I wrote previously on low quality mp3s and you will recall I made reference to things changing. Here is your proof.

Unleash your beautifully recorded WAVs, AIFFs, or FLAC files and tickle your fans’ ears with attenuating cymbals and jiggle their undersides with full bodied bass.” _Nimbit, Dave Coffin.

Nimbit HD



PreSonus Eris E8 High-Definition 2-way 8″ Nearfield Studio Monitors

I just ordered a pair of these Eris E8 Monitors  for the studio this week, they are out for delivery on UPS right now. Needless to say, I am a bit excited to get my hands on them.

In the coming days I will post an update here on how good they are. I was initially going to get the Eris 4.5 Monitors because of my budget, but Musician’s Friend put them on the Stupid Deal of the Day at about half off and I could not resist. So, for about $130 more than my budget, I got a $425 pair of Studio monitors.

Stay tuned, I will tell you all about them!

-UPDATE 11/21/2014-

I have set up and calibrated these guys. The sound is awesome, the power is more than ample, the frequency response is very flat. I found parts of mixes I was proud of that made me want to remix immediately. Embarrassing, actually. If you can afford these, or if you can catch them on sale like I did, do.not.hesitate. Buy them!

Finding Favour

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the CCM band Finding Favour perform at my old church. They are signed with Toby Mac’s label Gotee Records. What a super nice group of guys. Go see them if they are in your area.

Finding Favour
Finding Favour

Divin’ in hard

I have been working over the last two weeks with a close client on three songs, tracking, mixing and a little session work with a kit and various percussion pieces. We were waiting on two of the artists to track their parts and suddenly I’m told there are seven (7) more songs they want to do!!! Life is great! I will try to get some samples up as we start to finalize…stay tuned!

Progress in the Studio

Man, I have been getting some really good results out of the Studio lately. Maybe I can get client permission to post some samples soon. Things are really shaping up.