We are a tracking, mixing and mastering studio in Rocky Mount, NC, USA. Please view our Samples page to hear previous recordings or masters that we have completed for other customers.

We specialize in contemporary Christian, heavy Christian, heavy metal, rock, funk, soul, southern gospel, and live music events, as well as all kinds of solo artists.

We have our own in-house mastering facilities which are available to all that use our services. We can receive almost any format file from you to master your recording, at any bit depth and resolution.

Each of our recordings is produced with a unique individuality and fresh perspective which sets them apart from other recordings from other recording engineers. We believe the time has come to end the loudness war and to create dynamically healthy music like was cut in the golden age of recording. We don’t want sterile recordings with no life or feeling. Listen to some tracks we have produced in the Samples section.

We feel that it is important that musicians, engineers and support staff that are Christians should be involved in the production of Christian records. This is why, as much as is possible, the musicians and artists we work with are Christian. All business, Christian or otherwise, will be considered, but this studio exists to serve the Lord.

If you wish to contact us to inquire about our services please use our Contact page.