Consulting Sound Engineer

I have been doing a little consulting lately, setting up and training new users on PreSonus Studio Live consoles. Here is a Facebook post from one of my happy clients.

Ken Watson putting his “touch”on our new system. Ken will be a consultant and sound man when available. He currently does an outstanding job as sound engineer for The Mighty Saints of Soul. Thanks to Randy Hignite we were able to obtain his expertise. Digital equipment is like night and day in relation to analog….He knows what he’s doing! Thanks Ken! Oh, if you don’t recognize the drummer, Tim Harper from Red Oak, NC is laying down on the sticks for Ken…


Real Training Run by Real People

From time to time I comment on posts that my mentors write. If you look in the blog roll section of my site, you will see that I link to a few top professionals in the recording industry, some of whom provide free and paid training. These are people who have directly impacted my work. Graham Cochrane at The Recording Revolution dot com is a fine example. I link to him, not to drive web traffic to his site, but to offer you the same ‘internet finds’ that have helped me so much. Just so you know that I do not link to spurious content, here is a screen shot of a reply to my comment, from Graham himself.

Real replies from real people. This is not some web bot generating sham training and revenue for some country you can’t pronounce, its a real person. So, get on the bandwagon and sign up.




All You Ever Wanted To Know About Compression -UPDATED-

I am not a big fan of re-blogging. It just seems like “yeah, me too” and a lazy way out. And I really hate that my very first substantive post on this new site is a re-blog, but lately I have been trying to better understand compression. I have studied some of the greats: Dave Pensado, Chris Lord Alge, and others, who, all to my chagrin, seemed to fall short of the mark in helping me to really understand compression in a clear and concise manner.

However, when a topic is thoroughly explained and little to no improvement can be made on the original author’s efforts, there is simply no need to recreate the wheel. These two blog posts over at Sonic Sense hit the mark for me. The articles are nice, but the two YouTube videos are packed with information. In fact, watch both videos at least 3 times each!  Hopefully you are not as dense as I am (I had to watch them 4 times each just to absorb all the information) and can catch it all really quickly.

So here it is, a disappointing re-blog. But trust me, you won’t be disappointed in the content!

Compression 101

Compression 201

UPDATED with the latest one.

Compression 301

Thanks to Josh Berman at Sonic Sense.

UPDATE 02/16/2015 Aren’t you glad I scour the internet looking for more training material for you?

Courtesy of MixbusTV  The Ultimate Compression Tutorial