Fully Mobile

As of today, Diamond W Studio is a fully mobile recording service. Added to our list of equipment is a Presonus Studio Live 24 channel mixer coupled with Capture software for a fully mobile recording experience.

We can now do live shows, or simply come to your practice space and record what you are doing. Live performances are now part of what we record to multitrack, so we can then mix and master your live performances.

Soon to be added to our list of capabilities will be full live sound reinforcement. Check back later to book your show with us.

Give us a shout today to schedule your recording session soon.


Show Some Love

I know its been a few weeks since I posted, but I have been collaborating with my new friend Stephen Butler who is in Adelaide, South Australia. He is a small studio like we are, but he is in a big city. Stephen’s studio can be found at Amber Inc Studios. He specializes in R&B, CCM, Country Music, Jazz and Blues. He thrives with artists that prefer a small, intimate setting, but he also has a mobile rig that can follow you wherever your venue may be.

Stephen is also a musician in his own right. There have been rumors of an EP of his new material that may surface soon, so stay tuned!

Take a moment and visit his site. And if you are ever ‘Down Under’, look him up and let him produce your next big hit!



Live on the Interwebs, it’s Diamond W Studio, coming to you from Rocky Mount, NC!