Atlantic Beach Music Festival 2017

Well, another AB music festival event in the books. What a great day! According to the AB site, there were over 10,000 in attendance! Thanks to Atlantic Beach and all the sponsors for having us out, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!
Atlantic Beach, NC

Atlantic Beach Music Festival 2017, Jim Heidenreich – Drummer, Danny Garner in the distance – Guitarist
Randy Hignite – Keys

The lineup was incredible, the crowd was energetic, the weather was perfect. The Mighty Saints of Soul encountered a few technical problems early into the set (bad DI box, bad cable), but after that, the sound was rich and clear. Thanks to Pete Benson and his crew for providing backline and FOH, and doing an awesome job of keeping us all going.

When I arrived, my drummer said he had a friend playing over in the next town and they were having mixer problems. It was for a private wedding and they went on at 6:30. Well, I was mixing the Saints until 6 pm, so that would be a tight timeline. After our show, I rushed over to Beaufort, NC to take a look, about a 15 minute drive. It seems the mixer may have a circuit problem, but we were able to get enough of the channels working to go on with the show. It was a harrowing few minutes; the wedding party was running late in their activities, so that gave us a few more minutes to sort it out. Bottom line is the show went on, they sounded great and the clients were happy with the outcome.

The Jan Michael Fields Band

I had no idea who I was helping, just a friend of a friend. Later I found out who it was. Gentlemen, I am humbled, and just glad as heck I could help get things going again. Thanks for trusting me with your gear!
The Jan Michael Fields Band